At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit

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Product Overview


  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Tells you if you currently postive/negative for the virus
  • In the privacy of your own home
  • For kids and adults
  • Accuracy: 98.5%
  • FDA Authorized and EUA Approved
  • Test Kit is safe to use for up to 12 months after ordering
  • 1 Test Kit box
  • Made in USA

What are At-Home Coronavirus Test Kits?

Any at-home covid-19 test kit for sale is an antigen or antibody test that looks for the presence of viral current or past proteins in the body. It’s quick and easy to administer, and anyone can order the test kit at home with just a few clicks. Our company then sends it along with the guidelines on sample collection. The patient then administers the test in their own home, by themselves. The patient gets results within 15-20 minutes after the test is performed. No lab is needed to obtain the results, all of this is done by the patient in the privacy of their own home.

What Types of At-Home Coronavirus Tests are Available?

There are three types of at-home covid-19 test kits for sale: the antigen nasal swab tests, antigen saliva tests, and antibody blood prick tests. Antigen tests show if you have a current positive/negative infection of the virus, while antibody tests tell you if you previously had the virus.

Nasal Swab Tests

The patient uses a swab to collect a sample from their nose for testing. The FDA approved the first at-home nasal swab tests on April 21 after confirming that it was as accurate as PCR swab tests collected by a professional. Initially, patients needed a doctor’s order to purchase the coronavirus test kit, but it’s now available to everyone.

Saliva Test

The patient uses a swab to collect a sample from the back of their throat via the tonsils, simuilar to how a strep test works. The FDA was rather hesitant to approve saliva/throat tests as an effective method for COVID-19 virus analysis. However, according to Yale Public Health researchers’ preliminary research, the tests are just as accurate as nasal swab tests.

Is the At-Home Covid-19 Test Kit for Sale FDA-Authorized?

Yes, it is. Medical testing companies began developing home test kits as early as March, but the FDA was hesitant to authorize them, warning consumers of fraudulent tests. However, the spike in infections prompted the organization to authorize a few medical testing manufactures to develope at-home COVID-19 test kits.

Is the At-Home Covid-19 Test Kit Effective?

Preliminary data shows the incubation period for the COVID-19 virus is approximately five days but may range between 2 to 14 days. This means if an infected individual isn’t tested within the window period, they are likely to spread the virus to other people. It explains the high infection rates during the first few weeks of the pandemic. At the time, coronavirus test kits were hardly available as only a few companies produced the test kits. The tide has since changed as there’s a higher supply of the test kits, including at-home COVID-19 testing kits. What’s more, the Food and Drug Administration Agency recently authorized nine manufactures to supply at-home coronavirus tests under the Emergency Use Authorization Act. The move enhances daily coronavirus testing, which is at 95% of what’s required.

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